Doctors should utilize the Internet more; Surgery for heart condition a better option than drugs;

> Whether it's due to unclear privacy regulations or a lack of income, doctors continue to ignore utilizing the Internet as a way to communicate with patients. And they do so at their own peril, says Kevin Pho. Article

> While atrial fibrillation used to be treated with pharmaceutical drugs, a surgical procedure known as catheter ablation is considered by many to be more effective. Article

> The good news: Drugmakers appear to be getting the FDA's tread-carefully message when it comes to DTC advertising. The bad: We're probably less likely to hear catchy jingles, see edgy campaigns, or meet endearing product mascots. FiercePharma

> According to a new study, a popular class of antidepressants can cause delays in lactation for new mothers. Article

And Finally... Do we really want to mess with tradition? Article