Doctors Medical Center CEO leaves after annual review; Patient at London hospital attacked others with a metal bar;

> Yuma Regional Medical Center has taken to using tents to assess ER patients and treat them for minor problems, KSWT reports. An influx of "snowbirds" has pushed demand for ER services up. Article

> West Penn Allegheny Health System plans to start a new medical school this spring, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. Article

> A nurse connected to the death of a teenager at one hospital had been fired from another for failing to meet performance and patient care standards, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Article

> Joseph Stewart, president and CEO of Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, Calif., left his position last week after his annual performance review by the district board, the Contra Costa Times reports. Article

> A patient at a London hospital attacked five other patients and two employees with a metal bar, the BBC reports. Article

And Finally... Another use for those cremains. Article