Doctors' Diagnosis: Physicians, Dentists Have Anemic Web Site Presence

A group of doctors launches mega campaign to enable their colleagues to create inexpensive, state-of-the-art homepages.

Salem, NH (Vocus) September 20, 2007 -- To cure the medical profession's deficiency in the Internet world, a group of doctors has launched a massive campaign to make it easy and affordable for every doctor to develop a customized Web site (

It's been a mind-boggling paradox in the medical world: Doctors use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to diagnose patients, yet lag well behind almost every other profession when it comes to having Internet sites.

"Treating patients has always been the focus," says Dr. John Ryan, DMD, from the group IADMD, the International Assoc. of Dental and Medical Doctors. "But gradually we doctors have realized that to effectively treat patients and offer the best service a Web site is vital."

Dr. Ryan's startup organization, IADMD, is making it easy and inexpensive to bring doctors into the 21st century on the Internet (

Dr. Ryan founded IADMD four years ago after getting fed up with a health care system that routinely leaves doctors out of the treatment equation because of powerful insurance interests. IADMD is now comprised of dentists and physicians working together to empower doctors to wrestle back control of medicine and have developed a comprehensive plan for change.

The implementation of that change begins by offering every doctor the chance to create their own state-of-the-art Web site.

"Doctors want a Web site and patients have been asking for it," says Dr. Ryan. "Offering a Web site is just the beginning. Curing the health care system won't be easy and we want every doctor to be a part of IADMD."

The Web site gives doctors ( something tangible right now while IADMD begins taking steps toward creating the new healthcare system that puts doctors back in charge of medicine, Dr. Ryan says.

IADMD is offering a Web site with a custom address (like, state-of-the-art flash graphics and e-commerce functions so doctors can immediately begin processing credit card payments online. There are several templates to choose from, that also can then be customized. The cost is $1899. And that automatically includes membership to IADMD.

"There are no hooks, gimmicks or strings attached," says Dr. Ryan. "We designed this so doctors hop on the information superhighway."

Though IADMD has had lawyers and business owners inquire about getting a Web site, IADMD says this offer is just for doctors.

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About IADMD: IADMD's mission is to breathe new life into the healthcare field; to inspire individuals to stretch their thinking beyond existing dental and medical parameters; to draw on the professionalism and creativity of specialists throughout the world; and to promote worldwide healing with a doctor-to-doctor, non-socialized plan, that does not add taxation or burdens on employers, while securing every person's right to the highest quality of whole-body health.

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