DocSite Customer Achieves Favorable FTC Clinical Integration Advisory Opinion

Greater Rochester IPA uses DocSite products for point-of-care decision support, guideline management and community connectivity.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) September 24, 2007 -- DocSite, a leading provider of patient registries and point-of-care decision support to the healthcare market, congratulates their customer the Greater Rochester IPA (GRIPA) for achieving a favorable advisory opinion from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding their clinical integration program. The opinion enables GRIPA to continue collectively negotiating with payers on behalf of their member physicians.

Recent anti-trust guidelines from the FTC require Independent Practice Associations (IPA) and Physician-Hospital Organizations (PHO) to clinically integrate their network or cease contract negotiations with payers on behalf of member physicians. The FTC defines clinical integration by saying, "the network [should implement an active and ongoing program to evaluate and modify practice patterns by the network's physician participants and create a high degree of interdependence and cooperation among the physicians to control costs and ensure quality."

DocSite provides key technology supporting GRIPA's clinical integration program. DocSite Connectâ„¢ and DocSite Enterpriseâ„¢ provide GRIPA point-of-care decision support, guideline management and community connectivity. Using DocSite enables GRIPA can easily establish, measure, report and refine clinical guidelines across the entire network ensuring patients continue to receive the highest quality care possible.

"GRIPA and their leadership team, including Greg Conklin, Eric Nielsen, MD and Victoria Viglucci continue to set the standard for practical effective clinical integration," said DocSite CEO John Haughton, MD, MS. "We at DocSite are honored GRIPA chose us to assist them with their clinical integration program."

GRIPA is a partnership of physicians and hospitals in Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario Counties of the Greater Rochester region, including 410 private physicians and 160 employed physicians, as well as the Rochester General Hospital, Rochester General Physicians Organization, Newark Wayne Community Hospital, and the Wayne County Physicians Organization.

DocSite® offers a portfolio of reliable, modular and upgradeable, web-based tools. They improve the quality of patient care and save clinician time. DocSite is a Clinical Integration, Connectivity and Point-of-Care Technology Company currently deployed across thousands of physicians and a few million patients. DocSite is endorsed by the Texas Medical Association, highlighted as a leader in chronic disease management systems / registries and works in partnership with IPAs, groups, health plans, hospitals and individual physicians to offer point-of-care, outcomes tracking, population warehouse and informed decision making tools. DocSite solutions reduce practice variation, save time, support patient-physician collaboration, and improve patient self-care.


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