Discharge cleaning not enough to prevent pathogen transmission; Healthcare workers top list of most trusted people;

> A federal grand jury has started investigating the compounding pharmacy at the center of the recent meningitis outbreak that has killed 36 people in seven states, The Boston Globe reported. Article

> Discharge cleaning in the hospital reduces contamination with certain multidrug-resistant pathogens. However, it is not enough to remove the threat of transmission, according to a study in the December American Journal of Infection Control. Study abstract

> Although patients want low-cost healthcare, most of them are not willing to see a nurse practitioner instead of a physician for routine visits to save money, according a study of patient preferences by management consulting firm Accenture. Study (.pdf)

> Healthcare professionals are some of the most trusted people in the United States, while congressional members sat near the bottom, according to new data from Gallup, The Hill's Healthwatch reported. Article

And Finally…  Patient with bleeding head directs lost ambulance to hospital. Article