Digital Diets Arrive? New DietOrb iPhone 5 Weight Loss App Hits App Store

DietOrb is taking the health and fitness world by storm through assuring mobile weight loss.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Has the future finally arrived? Can our smartphones, like the popular iPhone and Android devices be made that much smarter? According to a new app found on the iTunes App Store, it can. In less than a week since launch on the iTunes App Store, the new DietOrb app for the iPhone is taking the health and fitness world by storm through assuring weight loss in digital style.


The DietOrb app is reaching nearly every corner of the web and social media talk outlet since its first download just one week ago. By fusing a scientific approach with technology of tone balance, DietOrb works through a combination of special frequencies that are mostly unheard of by the human body, operating at levels beyond what the human ear can identify. Instead, DietOrb uses the iPhone as a platform to mix this specially adapted frequency and beam it out in the general radius to the user while they carry on with their daily routines or work.

"We have something truly unique and a first of its kind to offer those who are dieting," said Matt Dizon, lead developer of DietOrb. "We also know that a diet should be a change of eating habits, and not something done in spurts for quick weight loss. DietOrb takes this same principal and focuses ongoing optimal weight balance through what we call daily sessions in order to boost the user's metabolism better, the real effect of exercise put in app form," Dizon went on to say.

The App Store hasn't seen anything like this before, as such a feat in technology to provide a solution for the ongoing problem of many struggling with healthy weight loss and making time for exercise on busy work weeks. Can DietOrb be the app that breaks the mold and brings the future to now by pushing the limits of what was once thought impossible?

In their own words, the DietOrb developers have publicly stated on the DietOrb website that "The DietOrb app is to no way take the place of living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, and exercising appropriately – but it is there to make use of those moments when we can gain the advantage by using science and technology in our weight loss goals."

To learn more this new app and mobile technology, you can visit the website directly at or download DietOrb from the iTunes App Store. The Android version of DietOrb is set to release later this Fall on Google Play.

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