Did Glaxo bury negative Paxil results?; CA group wants fee-for-service reimbursement scrapped;

> Did GlaxoSmithKline bury negative study results on Paxil that might have suggested a connection between the drug and birth defects? A judge seems to have uncovered evidence suggesting the pharma did just that. FiercePharma

> A healthcare policy group is proposing that the state of California eliminate all fee-for-service payments to physicians and replace them with carefully-regulated capitated contracts. FierceHealthFinance

> Here's a neat customer satisfaction move: A Connecticut hospital has started putting ED waiting times online in an effort to direct patients to whichever of its three facilities with the shortest wait. FierceHealthIT

> A new survey concludes that while nurses enjoy working with the Palm smartphone, physicians prefer the iPhone. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... It's amazing what name-dropping can accomplish--but it seems this woman took things too far. Article