DC passes pharma rep licensing rule

Though it backed out of plans for prescription-data-mining limits which have been struck down in New Hampshire and Maine, DC has passed what may be the country's first rules requiring the licensing of drug company sales representatives. DC's SafeRx Act of 2007 will not only require detailers to get licensed, it will subject them to fines or loss of their licenses for knowingly providing false information about their employer's medications. (Wouldn't this kind of behavior be considered fraud anyway?) 

While some health systems have begun instituting strict rules for drug reps who visit their campuses, to my knowledge this is the first time a government entity has created this kind of licensing requirement.

The bill had originally included rules making it illegal to make commercial use of prescription information that included patient or prescriber information, but this language was stricken when council members decided that it might not pass legal review. Not surprisingly, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the trade arm for drug companies, has come out against the bill. 

To find out more about these rules:
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