David Brailer - 9 People to Watch in Healthcare

Name: David Brailer, MD, PhD

Location: San Francisco, California

Profession: Chairman, Health Evolution Partners

Fast facts: David J. Brailer, MD, PhD is Chairman of healthcare venture investment firm Health Evolution Partners. Prior to joining the Health Evolution Partners, Dr. Brailer founded CareScience, Inc. and served as Chairman and CEO from inception, through its IPO, and until its sale in 2002. Previously, Dr. Brailer served as the first National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Why he's one to watch: Given Brailer's high-profile history in the health IT world--and success as a healthcare entrepreneur--it will be intriguing to see what bets he places with the $500 million fund's money. Early choices include e-prescribing firm Prematics, a fairly conservative choice, but we're betting he'll get more adventurous as time goes by. Expect Brailer to have unique insights into what firms will make in the post-reform world.

Website: www.healthevolutionpartners.com