Data of 280,000 Medicaid enrollees lost; New York couple sues hospital for destroying embryos without permission;

> Two managed care organizations lost a hard drive, putting the data of 280,000 Medicaid enrollees at risk of disclosure, FierceHealthIT reports. FierceHealthIT

> A New York couple sued a Long Island hospital, after they learned that their embryos had been destroyed without their permission, the Associated Press reports. Article

> Main Line Health system cut 98 people from its workforce to save $5 million, the Philadelphia Business Journal reports. Article
> A patient who had been declared insane in 1993 killed a psychiatric technician at Napa (Calif.) State Hospital, CW31 reports. Article

> Alta Bates Summit Medical Center is investigating why it did not inform the family of a patient of his death, the Associated Press reports. The family learned about his death 10 days later from the coroner's office. Article

And Finally... But how could you tell the difference between them and the usual subway commuters? Article