Dallas hospital proposes $5.4M executive incentive pay

A Dallas hospital wants to restore incentive pay for almost 60 executives by adding about $5.4 million in potential pay next year, the Dallas Morning News reported. Parkland Memorial Hospital's board of managers plans to tie the payments to performance measures, requiring executives hit specific goals to get full or partial payments--essentially restoring salaries they received in the past. However, hospital leaders will have to work harder to get that money, board members told the publication. In the past, the incentives boosted hospital executives' salaries up to 46 percent. The proposed measure could give Parkland's executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents a possible 25 bump in salary, while vice presidents, department directors, medical directors and attorneys could earn an additional 20 percent. However, the board declined to reveal the possible incentive pay for its incoming chief executive officerArticle

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