D.C. providers could start recovering millions in unpaid claims

Healthcare providers not reimbursed by D.C. Chartered Health Plan, could see payments now that Wayne Turnage, the District's healthcare finance director, reached an agreement with Chartered's receiver, Daniel L. Watkins, to settle a Medicaid rate dispute for approximately $18 million, reported The Washington Post. The sum would subsidize the estimated $47.5 million the former city health contractor owes providers. According to the plan, the federal government would pay its 70 percent share of the $18 million rate settlement, and Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) would cover the remainder of the District's contingency fund--making city taxpayers responsible for roughly $35 million, the Post noted. The healthcare providers, ranging from hospitals owed several million dollars to small practices owed some thousands, could obtain initial payments from the receiver starting next month. Article