Cytta Mobile Health: Wanted: Future MHealth Doctors to Test our New Fully Operational Mobile Health Remote Patient Monitoring System

Cytta Mobile Health Announces a New Social Media Strategy Utilizing Twitter and sets plans for new Facebook Community and EcoSystem.

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA) -- Cytta MHealth has successfully deployed and launched a complete MHealth solution for doctors and medical professionals across the nation and is now looking for MHealth doctors who want to be a part of the innovation and unique nature of our MHealth system.

We have completed testing on multiple users and have just received details of a large medical group's first 6 month results, showing actual savings of over $1,800 per member per month, that will push the entire MHealth industry into fully operational mode.

Cytta MHealth is seeking Doctors who have technological expertise and recognize the innovative technology we exclusively have created and licensed to operate across the USA. If you are a doctor seeking to be a part of the global change in how medicine is provided to the masses then contact Cytta today.

Doctors will be able to deliver powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use cell phone based products and services that allow people and their physicians to monitor their personal health, wellness, and fitness.  The system is fully operational and existing clients are currently achieving remarkable results with the Cytta system.

Doctors working with Cytta will be the first using a highly scalable, mobile platform able to collect verifiable and objective data for anyone requiring FDA approved monitoring. The Cytta system utilizes FDA approved medical testing devices of our medical partners, our proprietary Cytta medical cell phones and our proven Cloud based instant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform.

Cytta is the leader in the Mobile Health sector and you can be too.

Cytta Launches the First MHealth Dedicated MHealth Facebook Community for Medical Professionals Worldwide.

Doctors will soon be able to join a rapidly growing community of MHealth professionals worldwide as we seek to add doctors worldwide in Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America as we develop on an open MHealth community that will encourage innovation as well as growth and sharing of experiences in the MHealth sector.

Once again Cytta leads the way in leadership and innovation by providing a global community platform where Doctors worldwide can share and grow the experiences with our technology and other technologies in the field.

Cytta Mobile Health Launches New Twitter Feed: 

Get the latest news on Mobile Health and breaking news on Cytta Doctors using and monitoring their patients on our twitter feed. Our team of MHealth professionals is constantly scouring all the MHealth developments in real time 24/7 to bring you the latest news and developments in MHealth.

MHealth Doctors following us will soon be able to tweet their tweets and send us data and info directly involved in the MHealth Field. Please sign up at and follow us today and be a part of the future of MHealth. Follow us at

About Cytta Mobile Health 

Cytta Mobile Health delivers powerful remote health monitoring in an affordable and easy-to-use system.  Cytta's dedicated MHealth cellphone combined with Bluetooth medical devices help patients and their physician's check personal health, wellness and fitness from anywhere, anytime.  Our CyttaConnect system is fully operational and our existing clients are currently achieving remarkable results with the Cytta system. 

We are the first highly scalable, mobile platform for collecting verifiable and objective data for anyone needing FDA approved monitoring; from the Chronically Ill to 30-Day Readmission prevention.

The CyttaConnect system utilizes FDA approved medical testing devices from our medical device manufacturing partners, a proprietary Cytta medical cell phone and our proven Cloud-based instant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform.

Cytta MHealth own cellular network and all-wireless medical devices, simplifies the process of gathering important health data.  Data is always available on our Cloud platform for caregivers, health coaches and loved ones while completely freeing the user to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Our revolutionary mobile health phone platform and open ecosystem works seamlessly with our major manufacturer partners' FDA approved Bluetooth medical and wellness devices to create a highly scalable cellular remote monitoring solution.  The Cytta system utilizes only FDA approved Bluetooth devices from three world class manufacturers, A&D Medical (, Nonin Medical Inc. ( and Entra Health Systems (   Our system utilizes the A&D scale, the A&D blood pressure monitor, the Nonin pulse oximetry device and the Entra diabetes/blood glucose meter.

Our instant EMR is automatically populated with the patient's data and provides an interactive interface for patient's caregivers, health coaches and loved ones. The data can be displayed in various numerical formats, it can be graphed to show trends of these measurements and it may be utilized to provide early warning signs of dangerous health trends. 

Cytta Mobile Health revolutionizes data capture and creates automatic, exception alerts that are sent directly to caregivers, thereby improving work-flow.  And, with our two-way voice communication and exclusive Cytta MHealth platform capability, caregivers can connect with patients providing them with even greater care and comfort. The CyttaConnect platform supports an ecosystem of industry partners that provide services for integrated care, data mining and care-based advertising to improve patient well-being. 

Cytta Mobile Health is a highly scalable system that generates new opportunities for caregivers, dramatically reduces health care costs, and produces healthier patient outcomes. 

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