By Immediately Identifying High-Risk Patients, CareVeillance Equips Providers with Critical Information to Improve Patient Outcomes 

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Feb. 17 - CSC (NYSE: CSC) and The University of Kansas Hospital (KUHA) today announced the successful development of CareVeillanceTM, a pioneering software tool that provides real-time clinical surveillance and reporting for hospitals by continuously monitoring and evaluating clinical information generated during patient care. 

CSC's CareVeillance Clinical Surveillance alerts clinicians to patients showing early signs of high risk conditions such as sepsis or pneumonia. This allows caregivers the earliest possible opportunity to assess and treat at-risk patients, and to ensure that best practice measures are delivered during critical time frames. 

CareVeillance integrates patient data from disparate systems, analyzes and connects this information, and displays consolidated clinical data focused on the specific condition found. This helps caregivers quickly complete an assessment and start appropriate therapy. CareVeillance also monitors and provides alerts for key best practice interventions (Core Measures) mandated by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that must be done within a certain time frame to reduce mortality and morbidity. 

The CareVeillance Data Collection feature leverages the system's real-time data analysis and integrated data store to provide concurrent and retrospective identification of key quality metrics - such as Core Measures - to facilitate concurrent quality monitoring along with streamlined data extraction for CMS reporting. Through advanced analysis, the system is able to pre-populate answers to two-thirds of Core Measure questions, thus reducing quality staff workload while providing much more rapid turnaround. CareVeillance will also be certified as an Electronic Health Record (EHR) module under 45 CFR Part 170.306, to calculate and submit clinical quality measures as part of demonstrating Meaningful Use. The solution also acts as a predictive tool to identify patients at risk for re-admission. 

Unlike existing EHR and data warehouse systems, CareVeillance examines new data about the patient and compares it, using complex clinical algorithms, to existing data to identify conditions requiring investigation or intervention. This allows caregivers the earliest possible opportunity to assess and treat at-risk patients and to ensure that best practice measures are delivered during critical time frames. 

"CSC is committed to enabling our nations' hospitals to provide the safest and highest level of quality care while reducing the cost of delivering, reporting and paying for care," said Mark Roman, president of CSC's Global Healthcare Services Group.  "CareVeillance is part of CSC's effort to transform healthcare by delivering better information for better decisions. By providing real-time information on high-risk patients and adverse events, CareVeillance can help providers save lives. The new software tool also helps hospitals meet all the requirements for quality reporting of electronic health records." 

"We are excited about the ability of this technology to help us deliver world-class patient care to the people we serve," said Greg Ator, M.D., CMIO of The University of Kansas Hospital. "We were enthusiastic to work on the development and rollout of this tool and think it has the potential to be a real game changer in healthcare." 

Powered by complex clinical algorithms, CareVeillance automates clinical surveillance and works with any hospital's current data systems. Benefits include helping hospitals to reduce complications, hospital acquired conditions and re-admission rates; better manage their core measure reporting; and provide a clear path to submit clinical quality measures for Meaningful Use - all while reducing associated care and reporting costs. 

CSC's Healthcare Group, which serves healthcare providers, health plans, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and allied industries around the world, is a global leader in transforming the healthcare industry through the effective use of information to improve healthcare outcomes, decision-making and operating efficiency. 

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