Critics question ethics of stepped-up pharma data mining; One reason Big Pharma backs reform;

> With the crackdown on gifts to physicians and a slowing in direct-to-consumer advertising, the pharmaceutical industry is turning to data mining of physician prescribing habits to fuel the marketing machine. And, as with so many other pharma marketing techniques, controversy is brewing. FierceHealthIT

> For more evidence of why Big Pharma is high on healthcare reform, look no further than General Motors. The automotive giant that ushered in the age of employer-based insurance will now offer only high-deductible health insurance to salaried workers. It's just one sign of the continued shift of healthcare costs from employers to workers themselves. FiercePharma

> A task force of the federal Health IT Policy Committee heard testimony that electronic exchange of laboratory results could be a significant barrier to wide implementation of electronic health records that meet forthcoming standards for "meaningful use" of health IT systems. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... What gave it away that this guy was the thief? Article