CredenceHealth to Deliver Clinical Surveillance to Anaconda, MT

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Community Hospital of Anaconda, MT (CHA) has selected CredenceHealth as its preferred solution for clinical surveillance. Following an extensive evaluation, CHA has selected CredenceHealth's flagship product, CHlive to further improve their already outstanding record of quality. CHA has been the recipient of the Highest Quality Award from the Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation for five years in a row.

"When choosing CredenceHealth, we were impressed with their ability to evaluate such a comprehensive set of clinical information in real-time, enabling and informing our clinicians in a manner which helps assure we provide timely and appropriate care," said Dr. William Reiter, Chief Medical Officer of CHA.  "We don't often find systems that are able to successfully transcend barriers of size, but CredenceHealth strikes that balance and delivers functionality to small hospitals as well as to the larger institutions."

"CredenceHealth is gaining significant traction in the market," said Justin Lanning, President & CEO.  "It is exciting for us to see our national footprint expand with such informed partners. These collaborations exemplify our commitment to meeting the needs of clinicians across the country to provide the most effective and timely care."

About the Community Hospital of Anaconda

Community Hospital of Anaconda is a critical access hospital, located in Anaconda, MT, providing general medical and surgical care for inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room patients, and participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Learn more at

About CredenceHealth

CredenceHealth applies dynamic, evidence-based clinical research to real-time patient information (e.g. laboratory, radiology, medications, vital signs, etc.) to provide hospital clinicians across varying disciplines with actionable views, alerts, and notifications, resulting in major improvements, including: avoidable bed days, patient throughput, patient quality outcomes, avoidance of hospital acquired complications, and workflow efficiencies. CredenceHealth real-time clinical surveillance enables clinicians to return to care, allows hospitals to move to concurrent Core Measure compliance, and alerts clinicians to emerging complications within their patient population.  Learn more at

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