CPM Announces Smartphone Owner Identification Model

New model identifies smartphone users to ensure successful mobile strategies

MADISON, Wis., May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CPM, a growth and business development partner for healthcare organizations, announced a new predictive model that allows hospitals to easily identify smartphone users. With U.S. smartphone usage doubling in just one year, mobile strategies are more critical than ever to hospitals. The challenge is finding the right people to target with a mobile message. Now, this model gives hospitals the power to identify and target individuals likely to own a smartphone.

"We're working with our clients to develop and market mobile apps. But, we have to be able to easily identify smartphone users to market to them. We'll apply the model to find those likely to own a smartphone then promote the smartphone app," said John Hallick, president and CEO of CPM. "We broke ground earlier this year by introducing the first mobile Instant CRM application. Now, we're taking our customer's mobile strategy one step further."

The first-of-its-kind predictive model was developed from an in-depth CPM survey of a cross-section of mobile phone users throughout the United States. The survey results deliver unique insights into how smartphone owners use their devices for healthcare activities, their likelihood to use health apps and their willingness to pay for them.

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