Cook Medical Launches Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Division

Newest clinical division will bring new minimally invasive tools to ear, nose and throat and related medical specialties

Cook Medical Launches Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Division

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, a world leader in minimally invasive medical device technology, has launched its new Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) clinical division to bring the benefits of the company’s devices for non-surgical procedures to a new group of physicians and the patients they treat.

Recognizing the need for specialized minimally invasive devices in otolaryngology, Cook OHNS is researching and developing alternatives to open surgery for treating conditions across several traditional ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialties.

Cook officially unveiled the new clinical division and a selection of its current and upcoming products —salivary duct access tools, stone extractor set, Biodesign dural advanced tissue graft, Hercules 3 Stage Wire Guided Balloon and the Chiba EchoTip Biopsy Needle—at the conference in Washington, D.C., this week.

The division’s initial six practice areas of focus are soft tissue repair, salivary gland disease, chronic sinusitis, vocal cord paralysis, obstructive sleep apnea, and interventional airway and esophageal procedures. There is great potential within these six areas to bring new treatment options, many of which are alternatives to open surgery, to millions of patients in the U.S. and globally, Cook officials said.

“We started Cook OHNS to pioneer ways to provide patients with diseases affecting the head and neck with less traumatic alternatives to surgeries. As we met with physicians, we heard loud and clear that they saw many opportunities for minimally invasive medical devices in this field,” said Thomas Cherry, global leader for Cook Medical’s OHNS division. “At our core, we’ve always solved problems for clinicians over Cook’s entire history. So now, Cook OHNS is taking proven interventional tools and techniques and applying them to the emerging science of minimally invasive otolaryngology and head and neck surgery.”

Cook will showcase the following products at AAO-HNS:

"There is a definite need for true out-of-the-box thinking around minimally invasive medical technology for OHNS," said Patrick Melder, M.D., of ENT Associates of North Georgia and a presenter at the AAO-HNS conference. "Cook Medical has a solid and lengthy track record in innovating minimally invasive technologies, and has the ability to help transform the way we may approach such things as reducing post-tonsillectomy pain or advancing our understanding of the treatment of sinusitis."

“For months, Thomas Cherry kept saying we could help a large group of patients if we could make our products available to them, and he was right. He was doing what Cook has always done; listened to physicians, heard what they needed and given them the tools to treat patients in a better way,” explained Pete Yonkman, executive vice president of strategic business units for Cook Medical.

OHNS is Cook’s 10th active clinical division. The company currently operates , , , , , , , and divisions as well. Dr. Melder is a paid consultant to Cook Medical with respect to its medical devices.

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