Convurgent Publishing's New Textbook, Accountable Care: Bridging the Health Information Technology Divide, Traces the Healthcare IT Transformation Taking Shape

Covers the Health Information Technology Requirements of the Clinically Integrated Network

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Oct. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As the nation is shifting focus from volume-driven care to performance and quality driven care systems, leadership is returning to the hands of the provider, with a greater emphasis on clinical and administrative performance, and a priority in managing the health of the population.  Accountable Care: Bridging the Health Information Technology Divide, is a text that identifies the elements of the technological journey many organizations are on as they evolve into clinically integrated, accountable care organizations. Bruce Flareau, President, BayCare Physician Partners says, "...this book provides a comprehensive assessment of technology issues that healthcare leaders need to address in mapping strategies for selection, implementation, and adoption of health information technology solutions for CINs and ACOs."

Changes in the economic, societal, political and clinical dimensions are impacting and driving the need for new technological solutions in healthcare. Three overarching influential factors are covered throughout the book including:

  1. Aging of our population,
  2. Complexity of the healthcare system,
  3. Continuous drive for new innovation.

Each of these factors has and will continue to have a profound effect on the future development of how we deliver and administer care for patients in America. Michael Mayo, Hospital President, Baptist Medical Center - Jacksonville says, "This text provides a succinct overview and plan that will be essential for delivering accountable care to the communities we serve."

Intended Audience

The intended audience is broad in nature. For the healthcare executive, physician, and provider audience, material is provided with depth of evidence to substantiate and validate points made throughout. For policy makers, researchers and those evaluating the direction of the industry this work is offered as a reference manual to provide insights on the complex nature of the healthcare system at its current state in a renaissance era that is certain to continue well beyond the foreseeable horizon. The book is also intended to appeal to students of healthcare in the United States seeking to get a holistic sense of the information technology transformation underway.

The Executive Editors include Bill Spooner, CIO of Sharp Healthcare; Bert Reese, CIO of Sentara; and Colin Konschak, Managing Partner of Divurgent. The corresponding Editor is Joe Bohn of KMI Communications.

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