Consumers support EMRs, fear data theft; Appeals court gives TriMed a win in patent dispute;

> Patients seem ready to accept EMRs even if their physicians and other health providers aren't, according to a new Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of Xerox. Nearly half of the 2,180 U.S. adults interviewed online in February said that they thought EMRs would "enable more efficient healthcare," Xerox reports. FierceEMR

> The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reversed and remanded a patent dispute between TriMed and Stryker in a case involving an implantable device used to set certain types of bone fractures. This was the second time the Appeals Court heard the case. FierceMedicalDevices

> With life-or-death decisions at the heart of what they do, not to mention the myriad other pressures mounting on their profession, physicians are particularly susceptible to burnout. People who suffer this syndrome are not merely tired of their jobs; they become emotionally exhausted, cynical and doubtful of the importance of their work and ability to do it well. FiercePracticeManagement

And Finally... In other news, the San Diego Chicken is suing for defamation of character. Article