Consumer interest in health IT growing; Medical directors make more in nonhospital practices;

> A new study from Deloitte suggests that consumers are indeed interested in knowing what you're spending on health IT, especially tools that they might end up using directly. FierceHealthIT

> Apparently, sometimes it pays not to be too closely connected with a hospital. A new Medical Group Management Association study has concluded that medical directors in nonhospital owned practices make significantly more than doctors whose practices are owned by a hospital. FierceHealthFinance

> Wondering whether electronic prescribing is getting more popular? Just look at the 211 percent increase in e-prescribing volume Walgreen pharmacies have seen over the past year. FierceHealthIT

> With Chinese consumers a bit leery of their own drugmakers, it's little surprise that they're giving U.S. arrivals a nice welcome. FiercePharma

And Finally... If I were her age, I'd be happy to be breathing, much less bowling. Article