Consumer-driven plans producing mixed results

The national drive for consumer-driven health plans (CDHP) is having mixed results. A new study of the plans by consultancy McKinsey finds that the plans are doing a better job of providing preventative care than traditional plans. On the other hand, many consumers are reporting difficulties finding the accurate information necessary to make informed healthcare decisions. That may be the most serious obstacle the high-deductible plans face. Only 44 percent of the consumers interviewed by McKinsey said they were "satisfied."

Other noteworthy findings: CDHP participants are 50 percent more likely than members of traditional plans to ask about costs; 80 percent, however, reported difficulty finding information on the prices doctors charge. The Wall Street Journal notes that many employers are still sticking with health reimbursement accounts despite the availability of the newer health savings accounts.

- see this story from The Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)