Confessions of a laid-off hospital administrator

If you have been following my twitter feed, you'll know that I was laid off from the business development director role at my health system about six weeks ago. I was called into my boss's office and the HR professional was also sitting at the table. Even though I had prepared for this moment and I knew it was coming, my heart was still pumping when I heard, "Unfortunately...Your position was one of the ones that has been eliminated."

Thousands of times over, this is happening in hospital offices across the country. In fact, just in Chicagoland alone, there's probably been 1,000-plus layoffs. As such, this is obviously a pretty touchy and raw subject for many. Nonetheless, for me, at the risk of sounding a little insensitive or overly positive, I've taken this whole situation as a great opportunity, and am looking at it as great timing.