Commercial ACO tops list of accountable care organizations with largest physician networks

Montefiore ACO & United Healthcare in the Bronx, New York, leads the list of accountable care organizations with the largest physician networks in the nation, according to a new report compiled by healthcare marketing research firm SK&A. 

SK&A researchers conducted extensive research and telephone interviews to identify 602 ACOs across the country, including commercial and Medicaid ACOs and those participating in the Pioneer model or Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). They determined the top 30 organizations based on each ACO's total number of physician affiliations.

Commercial ACOs make up half of the top 10 list. Medicare ACOs have historically been less popular among providers, although CMS hopes to address some of their complaints with the recently-announced Next Generation model.

The report identies the top ACOs as:

  1. Montefiore ACO & United Healthcare in the Bronx, New York, a commercial ACO with 4,503 participating physicians (this ACO is separate from Montefiore's Pioneer ACO)
  2. FamilyCare Inc. in Portland, Oregon, a Medicaid ACO with 3,716 participating physicians
  3. Heritage California ACO in Northridge, a Pioneer ACO with 3,452 participating physicians
  4. Heritage Provider Network & Anthem Blue Cross of California in Northridge, a commercial ACO with 3,378 participating physicians
  5. Valley Preferred Aetna in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a commercial ACO with 3,360 participating physicians
  6. Hill Phys/Dignity Health/UCSF Health Net ACO in San Ramon, California, a commercial ACO with 3,339 participating physicians
  7. Advocate Physicians Partners Accountable Care Inc. in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, an MSSP ACO with 3,323 participating physicians
  8. Valley Preferred Cigna in Allentown, a commercial ACO with 3,288 participating physicians
  9. Health Connect Partners LLC in Seattle, an MSSP ACO with 3,087 participating physicians
  10. Physician Organization of Michigan ACO LLC in Ann Arbor, an MSSP ACO with 3,032 participating physicians

"Healthcare is transforming and ACOs are dramatically expanding. Under ACOs, decision-making is more centralized and controlled," the report states. "Understanding the influence and linkages of ACOs will help industry stakeholders better visualize and address the quickly changing landscape of coordinated care."

To learn more:
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