Colorado tourists show up at ER more often now that recreational marijuana is legal; Online game allows people to redesign healthcare;

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> The Washington Post reports that tourists in Colorado end up in emergency rooms more frequently than residents now that the state has legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, according to a study scheduled to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine later today. Article

> Researchers in London have developed a  new online game that gives the public the 'virtual power' to determine how they would design the country's health system. Study announcement

> NPR examines the growing number of nursing home patients who aren't allowed to return to the facility after they are ready for discharge from the hospital. Article

Health Anti-Fraud News

> Two-thirds of fraud cases in 2010 involved more than one scheme, including fraudulent billing, falsified patient records and kickbacks, according to a new report released by the Government Accountability Office. Article

> The owner of a imaging firm is looking at a possible life sentence after being convicted of a fraud scheme in which he instructed unqualified employees to read diagnostic images, according to the Baltimore Sun. Article

And Finally… Another reason to eat your spinach. Article