Collaboration Gives New Ways to Access and Provide Care and Second Opinions through Telehealth and Video Consultations

Advanced Data Systems Corp. and Collaborative Medical Technology Corp. will offer high-quality online voice and video interactions documented via EHR

PARAMUS, N.J., May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Data Systems Corp. (ADS) and Collaborative Medical Technology Corp. (CMTC) are proud to announce their upcoming platform allowing doctors, their practices, and their patients to securely access, share, and communicate relevant clinical information including radiology files, instantly in a revolutionary easy to use manner.

Powered by CMTC's Physician Collaboration Platform and integrated with ADS' electronic health records (EHR) system, a cloud-based suite of applications will be created that includes:

  • Telehealth giving patients quick access to required medical attention through convenient features such as video conferencing and messaging
  • File Sharing facilitating collaborative medicine and the second opinion process through HIPAA-compliant document sharing software, for referring to other healthcare professionals whether in the ADS system or not

"We listened to our clients and are creating a care model that represents the future of healthcare technology, with a specific focus on patient-centric and collaborative care," said David Barzillai, President of ADS. He added, "The combination of consumer demand, a shortage of primary care physicians, and a reduction in reimbursements are all moving our industry toward telehealth.  We will be delivering tomorrow's healthcare integrating our comprehensive EHR and CMTC's collaboration technology.  The power of this integration represents a significant step toward ensuring continuity and delivery of care to patients, literally into their places of residence."

"Teamwork between providers has always been a key to providing the best health outcomes for patients," commented Sheryl Miller, ADS Vice President of Sales and Business Development. "By supporting a high level, tightly integrated collaborative network, second opinions will be able to be requested and completed in an efficient, low-cost manner, avoiding expensive courier and travel costs. At the same time, ADS clients can look forward to creating a virtual community of referring professionals, and enjoying increased consulting revenues."

Telehealth has eliminated the constraints of time and physical location for physicians by enabling them to provide consults whenever and wherever they are needed.  The ability of the CMTC's and ADS' systems to reach people who would otherwise have been examined in a costly ER setting or urgent care facility creates value beyond the four walls of the practice, and only requires an internet connection.  

By providing an excellent solution for patients with mobility issues or chronic conditions, the companies' association will give patients and doctors in rural or remote communities more options for receiving and dispensing care. Research has shown that online video communication improves patient satisfaction and increases efficiency and access to healthcare for all demographics (as reported in Asynchronous Virtual Visits for the Follow-Up of Chronic Conditions, Ronald F. Dixon and Latha Rao, Telemedicine and e-Health July 2014, Vol. 20, No. 7 669-672).

"Our Physician Collaboration Platform enables seamless connectivity, including telehealth, to support physicians and their patients. Physicians will be able to create a community of care and monitor the effectiveness of treatment using real-time collaboration and communication," said Simon Schurr, founder and Chief Executive Officer of CMTC. From their perspective, Mr. Schurr noted how patients will have the convenience of access to their own records for test results, as well as for doctor consultations essentially on demand.

With release anticipated for late 2015, the companies look forward to facilitating major advancements in supporting how physicians and patients stay engaged before, during, and after treatment, while providing the most appropriate, personalized care as early as possible.

Contact ADS at 800-899-4237, Ext. 2061 or CMTC at 212-923-0090 for more information.

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About Advanced Data Systems
ADS is a leading provider of ICD-10 compliant, interoperable automation solutions to medical practices, radiology centers, behavioral health facilities, and to revenue cycle management companies. The company's Medics Suite includes systems for EHR, Practice Management, and Radiology as well as RCM services for practices that prefer to outsource their RCM needs.  The Medics Suite is integrated as a unified solution or can be obtained separately per the needs of the practice. They can be utilized in Cloud / ASP or Client Server (customer hosted) formats. ADS provides quick Implementation, comprehensive Training and excellent ongoing Support with Updates. Thousands of providers rely on solutions from ADS.                      

About Collaborative Medical Technology Corporation  
CMTC specializes in developing diagnostic and treatment collaboration solutions using innovative cloud-based applications that provide telehealth/telemedicine capabilities. The robust and agile solutions suite is delivered as Platform as a Service (PaaS). The Physician Collaboration Platform (PCP) aggregates and organizes disparate data sources to create and share a composite patient record that replaces inefficient and fragmented communications with a turnkey, on-demand, web-based solution. The PCP's specialized technology enables a Case Manager to collaborate with multiple specialists by sharing patients' relevant medical records, diagnoses, treatment plans, and high definition, diagnostic quality radiology images in DICOM, readable on any internet-ready device. Interaction between physicians is provided through a secure web portal to maximize accuracy, privacy and efficiency. Hospitals and physicians can create, brand, and manage secure collaborative communities of clinicians/providers.

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