CO publishes hospital quality report card

This week, the state of Colorado published a new website providing quality and clinical outcomes data for its hospitals. The report card, which is being published online, was created as part of a law signed last year requiring the hospitals to report such data. On the site, consumers can review data on 38 clinical areas, including cardiovascular care, hip replacements, asthma, diabetes and live births. The current data, which is drawn from discharges made in 2004, 2005 and 2006, is being maintained by the Colorado Hospital Association.

Despite the grand announcements around the site launch, the data is not quite complete, as it includes information from only 81 of the state's 85 hospitals. Also, hospitals weren't required to report on a measure if their volume was too low, so data is missing for some smaller rural facilities. However, this is still a milestone for the state.

To learn Colorado's efforts:
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