CMS proposes bundled dialysis payments; Non-profit healthcare orgs see big negatives on '08 investment returns

> CMS is proposing that Medicare switch from a standard reimbursement approach to a bundled payment for dialysis services. The payment would be adjusted for risk, age and other factors. FierceHealthFinance

> A new study of 143 non-profit healthcare organizations has concluded that non-profits had an average investment return of negative 21.2 percent during fiscal 2008. FierceHealthFinance

> E-prescribing has taken something of a black eye as research emerged suggesting that doctors just ignore the alerts these systems generate. Now, however, a study has found that drug interaction alerts in these systems actually prevent adverse events, even when doctors skip through them quickly. FierceHealthIT

> Maryland has become the first state in the U.S. to wire all of its emergency departments into a surveillance system designed to identify and address public-health threats. FierceHealthIT

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