CMS opens application process for ACO investment model; UCLA researchers racial disparities for chronic disease and mental health issues;

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>  As many as two-thirds of older adults will experience hearing loss but many won't do anything about it due to the costs involved, according to Carrie Nieman, M.D., a resident at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She hopes to change that, according to the Washington PostArticle

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that accountable care organizations (ACOs) that participated in the Medicare Shared Savings Program in 2014 or later may apply in July to participate in the ACO Investment Model, which offers prepaid shared savings to encourage ACOs to form in rural and underserved areas. Fact sheet

> Chronic disease and mental health issues disproportionately affect low-income African-Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, and two new studies by the UCLA Center for Culture, Trauma and Mental Health Disparities shed light on the causes and impacts of this disparity. Research announcement

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>  In the midst of disaster, hospitals often serve as a refuge, a place of comfort for those in need of care or shelter. But even hospitals aren't immune to chaos, as electronic health record systems, network connections and even whole power grids can be rendered useless in the blink of an eye. Article

> Inefficient and unclear communication between hospitals and nursing homes can complicate care, so researchers are looking to health information exchanges to change that, according to research published at Applied Clinical Informatics. Article

And Finally… The eyes have it. Article