Clinically Integrated Network Will Serve Patients in a New Way

Phoebe Health Partners will collaborate with physicians using a common set of goals and measures to increase value through higher quality and care coordination and control costs for patients and communities

Clinically Integrated Network Will Serve Patients in a New Way

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(PHP) has announced a new population health management program that will help health care providers in Southwest Georgia deliver higher quality and more efficient care at lower costs.

Pat Sumner, executive director of PHP, said the organization will partner with , a leading supplier of population management, clinical integration and value-based care solutions, to develop a clinically-integrated network for its physician members and hospitals to improve management of patient populations.

“The new dynamics of healthcare reform require clinical integration so that doctors, hospitals and other providers can effectively share information on the patients they treat,” said Sumner. “Consumers will become increasingly familiar with the benefits of population health management and the ability of their physicians to communicate with each other. The integrated network ensures high quality care and controls costs through the use of common quality standards that linked through electronic clinical information networks.”

PHP has more than 400 physicians, 12 hospitals and several other providers in its network, which offers managed care products to regional employers. More than 100,000 individuals are covered by the PHP network.

Once integrated through the Valence Health , Sumner said all 400 physicians will have access to a patient’s complete medical history for all services and treatments delivered within the network, and gaps in care will be clearly seen as opportunities for improved care and compliance.

“Everyone in the network will be working together, using proven protocols and measures to improve patient care, decrease cost and demonstrate value to the patients and employers we serve. Accountability improves and patient populations experience better health outcomes,” she said.

Phil Kamp, Valence Health CEO, said, “Phoebe Health Partners is helping to define new models of care delivery in the value-based healthcare environment. We are excited to help them realize their vision and are confident that Valence Health’s solutions will further advance their initiatives into cost and quality control.”

Valence Health will provide data from more than 50 practice management and hospital systems and dozens of electronic medical records with lab, prescription and other data sources to give doctors and hospitals a comprehensive clinical view of PHP’s patient members. Once operational, Kamp said the system will allow care providers and coordinators to identify customized patient populations based on combinations of clinical information, such as health conditions, gaps in care, lab results, vital signs and much more.

provides healthcare organization solutions for value-based care, helping them better manage their patient populations and accept financial responsibility for the quality of the care they provide. With unique data collection and analysis solutions, Valence Health has emerged as a leader in population management and clinical integration, serving dozens of clients from physician groups to standalone hospitals to large IDNs such as Cleveland Clinic. In-depth actuarial analysis combined with operational excellence allows Valence to not only advise but also provide ongoing services to provider organizations operating under various value-based reimbursement models. From risk-based contracting to accountable care organizations (ACOs) to administering provider-sponsored health plans, Valence has been helping providers appropriately accept and manage financial responsibility while improving clinical quality since 1996. Headquartered in Chicago, with three other office locations, Valence Health serves more than 30,000 physicians and 100 hospitals, helping them manage the health of 15 million patients nationwide. Follow Valence Health on and .

PHP’s mission is to make its community a better place to live by providing access to quality healthcare at affordable cost. PHP was created to provide quality health coverage to employers in its coverage area at a competitive cost. PHP is committed to excellence and dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the communities we serve.

Participants of PHP have access to a network that includes more than 400 community physicians, 12 hospitals, and numerous other healthcare providers. More than 100,000 individuals are covered through its managed care products. Collectively, the staff at PHP has over 50 years of managed care and healthcare experience.