Cleveland Clinic collaborating with Community Health Systems; Texting between patients and doctors not common;

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> General surgeons appear to perform the majority of cancer procedures in the United States, leaving surgical oncologists, who are highly qualified due to their training, with a lighter cancer surgery workload, according to a study, Medscape reported. Article

> Cleveland Clinic and Community Health Systems, the second-largest for-profit hospital chain by revenue, are collaborating to capitalize on each other's strengths and resources. Announcement

> A year after opening, Florence (Ariz.) Hospital at Anthem has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, thanks in part to a private insurer sending state prison business elsewhere, Casa Grande Dispatch reported. Article

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> Of 1,000 Americans, only one in 10 has ever emailed or texted with their doctor, according to a survey recently conducted for The Atlantic. Article

> A new study from researchers in Norway has found that interruptions from mobile devices are a problem for doctors in hospitals. Article

And Finally… That's gotta hurt. Article