CIMIT Launches “CoLab”: A Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform Powered by Induct Software to Accelerate the Healthcare Innovation Cycle

CIMIT Extends Induct License To Enable Use of CoLab by All of Its Consortium Institutions

CIMIT Launches “CoLab”: A Cloud-Based Collaboration Platform Powered by Induct Software to Accelerate the Healthcare Innovation Cycle

The Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT) and Induct Software™ AS (Induct), “The Open Innovation Company™,” today announced the launch of “CIMIT CoLab™” (CoLab). Focused on the unique needs of healthcare institutions and non-profits, CoLab is a secure, cloud-based platform that enables an institution to encourage, manage and measure innovation. CoLab provides a vehicle to connect the needs of healthcare institutions, universities, medical foundations, and other non-profits with the vast experience, insight and innovative talents of their staff, faculty, industry partners, advisors, and patients/families within or beyond their physical and/or virtual borders to accelerate and maximize the impact of innovations. Additional information about CoLab is available at .

CoLab is built on Induct’s secure, cloud-based technology platform, which applies across industries. To speed the introduction of CoLab and increase its impact for healthcare institutions and non-profits, CIMIT has selected CoLab to be supported through its Accelerator Program (). To allow its consortium institutions to benefit while also obtaining critical peer feedback, user input, and ideas for further enhancements, CIMIT has extended its current Induct license to enable all of its Boston-based consortium institutions to use CoLab. CIMIT will help each of its members explore, establish and implement their own instance of CoLab for their innovation needs.

CIMIT’s mission is to accelerate the healthcare innovation cycle by facilitating collaboration among clinicians, healthcare managers, technologists, engineers and entrepreneurs to rapidly develop and implement novel products, services and procedures that improve patient care. CIMIT is launching CoLab to advance and expand its mission in a scalable way, enabling other institutions to use and adapt proven innovation methods.

“CIMIT has been using CoLab internally for over a year and working closely with Induct as well as collaborators from other major hospitals, universities and labs from across the US, Asia and Europe to build and validate CoLab,” said John Collins, Chief Operating Officer of CIMIT. “We have instantiated the key approaches CIMIT has adapted and developed over our 14 years of experience in implementing innovations in healthcare. We have migrated key processes that were formerly done by hand and on paper onto the CoLab platform and have seen significant increases in effectiveness and staff productivity. CoLab has also enabled our network to be much more productive. For example, we have seen a significant increase in the ease with which our world-class network of expert clinician, technologist, manager, and entrepreneur reviewers can access information to provide high-quality, timely and structured feedback and guidance to our investigator teams.”

“We believe that by working closely with the best-in-class institutions, CoLab will become the enterprise solution of choice for institutions that see innovation as the way to improve the quality of patient care while reducing the cost,” continued Collins. “One of CIMIT’s goals is to establish a network of premier regional and thematic clusters of world-class institutions collaborating with and via the CoLab platform. Based on our experiences to date, we are confident that Induct can provide the infrastructure to cost effectively scale CoLab’s implementation of the CIMIT Model, and make it readily available outside of Boston. CoLab should enable greater levels of impact with the existing level of resources through the collaboration of CIMIT-like clusters world-wide.”

"This collaboration between a leading healthcare innovator and a leading innovation software company shows how open innovation can transform people's health and well-being in a cost-effective manner,” said Berkeley Professor Dr. Henry Chesbrough, author of the book 'Open Innovation,' and Executive Director of Berkeley's Program in Open Innovation. "The CIMIT Model of bringing together the best ideas from teams of healthcare experts, engineers, scientists and patients, combined with Induct's end-to-end innovation management software, will allow CIMIT to scale up its innovative offerings to address healthcare needs all around the world."

“The CIMIT Model of driving collaborative healthcare innovation, and their 14 years of real-world experience with the Boston hospitals, universities and labs are second to none,” said David M. Burns, CEO of Induct. “CoLab integrates key portions of the CIMIT Model with Induct to provide an infrastructure that enables hospitals world-wide to engage in collaborative innovation with the Boston hospitals and other premier healthcare institutions. As CIMIT expands the number of institutions using CoLab, we expect to have even more great ideas on how to enhance CoLab to meet their needs. Combining CIMIT’s expertise in healthcare with Induct’s expertise in innovation management has produced a service that addresses many of the problems encountered by healthcare institutions as they try to increase their innovation capacity and efficiency.”

CIMIT is a non-profit consortium of Boston’s premier teaching hospitals, universities and labs founded by Mass General Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, MIT and Draper in 1998. CIMIT has grown to include Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, Boston University, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Northeastern University, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Partners HealthCare, and VA Boston Healthcare System along with an expanding network of international affiliates. CIMIT fosters collaboration among world-class experts in medicine, technology, and engineering, in concert with industry, entrepreneurs, foundations and government, to rapidly improve patient care by catalyzing the discovery, development, and implementation of innovative solutions to pressing clinical problems. To find out more about CIMIT visit .

Induct is changing the way that companies think about innovation. Based on the pioneering work of UC Berkeley Professor Henry Chesbrough, author of the book ‘Open Innovation’ and one of the acknowledged leaders in the open innovation field, Induct integrates Enterprise 2.0 technology and social networking concepts with a flexible and customizable innovation process management framework. The result is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) platform that allows organizations to start with ideation, add innovation management, and gradually transition to a more open innovation environment. To find out more about Induct visit .

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