Centura Health CEO teaches his board about ACOs

If you're one of the many people who are confused by the healthcare reform, you aren't alone. And if you find accountable care organizations perplexing, you've probably got company, as well.

To dissolve some of the stress brought on by attempts to understand what your organization might need to do to become part of one, check out this humorous animated video created by Gary Campbell, CEO of Centura Health, Colorado's largest hospital system. It shows a healthcare executive seeking help on how to succeed under the healthcare reform. He heard that it would be a good idea to set up an ACO.

"What do you know about accountable care organizations?" a woman asks.

"I think if my healthcare organization establishes an accountable care organization, then we will succeed under healthcare reform," Mr. Healthcare Exec says.

"You are pretty clueless, aren't you?" she says. Then she asks him what distinctive competencies his organization has to effectively manage population health.

"For example, do you have a robust care management system? What about chronic disease management? Have you had experience with health coaches? And is your information system fully integrated with the physicians?  Do you know if your acute care case management system is integrated with your home care service?"

The poor healthcare exec looks stunned. "This sounds way harder than I expected," he says. 

He thought all he would need to do was appoint a board of trustees and hold monthly meetings.

The video was intended to teach board members about the kind of ACO Centura wants to form, according to NPR.

To learn more:
- here's the NPR story
- watch the video

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