Celebrating Seven Years in the Cloud, CoActiv Announces at RSNA 2010 a New Platform for Image Sharing, Special EXAM-PACS®

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Celebrating seven years in the cloud, CoActiv Medical (Booth # 9100) announces at RSNA 2010 an innovative new solution for medical image sharing as well as a host of new incentives for imaging sites to convert to a digital environment or upgrade their legacy imaging functionality to the power of CoActiv EXAM-PACS.

Taking advantage of its long term cloud-based imaging experience, CoActiv debuts at this year’s event CoActiv EXAM-LINK, an innovative and affordable, cloud-based Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) image sharing platform. EXAM-LINK provides RHIOs and other affiliated, authorized medical practices with immediate access to all patient exams stored in the CoActiv EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVE®, wherever the exam was performed. This vendor-neutral, cloud-based solution combines a unique pre-indexing feature that enables remote Web-based image access with all the advanced features and security of CoActiv’s EXAM-VAULT archiving, which stores images and related data in multiple cloud-based, mirrored datacenters.

“With the new EXAM-LINK solution,” comments Ed Heere, president and CEO of CoActiv, “If a patient is seen in the emergency room of an EXAM-LINK affiliated hospital in California while on vacation, for example, any authorized physician can immediately access that patient's recent CT performed in a New York imaging center, his MRI done in a Connecticut hospital or his x-ray from a New Jersey orthopedic specialist. By leveraging its advanced, vendor-neutral archiving technology and multiple archive locations, CoActiv is able to provide access to patient exams that were performed at sites in different cities, states and regions—anywhere in the country.” Any facility already utilizing the CoActiv EXAM-VAULT archive can take advantage of this new platform for an extremely reasonable minimum annual management fee. Facilities not utilizing CoActiv EXAM-VAULT can enjoy the advantages of EXAM-LINK by signing up for the service and migrating their images to the CoActiv competitively priced, HIPAA compliant cloud-based QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVE.

“In addition to our archiving, the CoActiv EXAM-PACS application itself also has been available, since its inception, both as a cloud-based technology and an onsite client-server installation,” adds Heere.

Simultaneously with the new EXAM-LINK service, CoActiv also announces an aggressive new pricing structure for EXAM-VAULT. The new pricing minimizes start-up costs and offers several billing options, including a one-time fee, which may be as low as $.75 per exam for the life of the study, depending on the exam volume.

Also new at RSNA is CoActiv’s EMR/EHR EXAM-Merge Referring Physician initiative, which will allow imaging facilities using CoActiv EXAM-PACS to deposit a patient's images and exam reports directly into the referring doctor's EMR/EHR, providing for more complete image-based meaningful use.

Offering imaging sites yet another incentive to select CoActiv EXAM-PACS, at RSNA 2010 CoActiv also debuts its Replace-A-PACS™ Program. The program provides sites with a number of appealing financial incentives to replace their older, expensive legacy PACS solutions with a new, state-of-the-art, affordable EXAM-PACS. This includes a wide range of free services and features for qualified facilities such as free migration of current DICOM exams to the EXAM-VAULT archive, free access to CoActiv's cloud-based QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING® through the elimination of set-up and implementation fees, free EXAM-3D® color visualization modules for each diagnostic workstation purchased and new lower prices on EXAM-FILER® CD/DVD creation software.

As another important incentive to select EXAM-PACS, the company announces new bundled pricing options for their EXAM-3D suite of specialized image processing applications. These modules complement CoActiv’s Basic 3D Diagnostic software included at no additional cost with every EXAM-PACS Diagnostic Workstation license. This new pricing model now allows CoActiv clients to implement the highest quality 3D technology to meet every imaging need—including Virtual Colonoscopy, MRI, PET/CT Fusion and Vascular modules—at prices far lower than any competitive visualization products.

Finally, to help ensure the technical facility of the radiology professionals of the future, CoActiv announces its unprecedented offer to provide complimentary EXAM-PACS software to educational institutions for use in accredited Radiologic Technologist training programs. This new program will be rolled out on a state by state basis beginning in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Additional regions will be added as resources become available. This program has already been tested with several RT Certified Programs in these states.

About CoActiv

CoActiv Medical is a leading healthcare software and IT systems provider offering a full line of PACS, digital image and data storage services, and related solutions for hospitals, imaging facilities and medical practices of all sizes. CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS® family of web-based PACS solutions provide leading edge, affordable and scalable image management with sophisticated tools that cater to the needs of radiologists as well as a full range of other imaging specialists. Available as both enterprise server-based and cloud-based solutions, EXAM-PACS is designed for easy integration into imaging facilities of any size. Comprised of modular software components, EXAM-PACS enables any site to customize a solution to meet their specific needs and budgets or to add advanced functionality to an existing PACS solution. EXAM-PACS includes EXAM-FILER® CD-burning solution; vendor-neutral, HIPAA compliant, offsite/online cloud-based EXAM-VAULT® QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVING®; patent-pending EXAM-SENDER® referring physician system; EXAM-3D® advanced, multi-modular 3D color reconstruction and visualization; and EXAM-NET teleradiology suite. EXAM-PACS includes such premium features as support for breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI) and storage of non-DICOM data, such as prescriptions, reports and surgical plans in patient files. Complementing this is CoActiv’s family of EXAM-RIS® solutions scaled for imaging facilities of every size site and budget. Contact CoActiv at (203) 894-1651; [email protected]; www.coactiv.com.


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