CBO says Senate Finance reform bill won't raise deficit; Pharma CEOs pitch their own reform ideas;

> This could be a big turning point--or not, if the agency continues to hedge as it has on what things cost. The latest news flash from the CBO, this week, is that a Senate Finance Committee health reform draft would not add to the federal deficit, while succeeding in shrinking the ranks of the uninsured. Article

> Pharma CEOs are making the rounds pitching their own brand of health reform, one which would look decidedly different than the models making their way around Capitol Hill. FiercePharma

> Boston University Medical is tightening its conflicts-of-interest policy, including rules on how speakers control industry-funded presentations. This follows a scandal in which one of its physicians broke the rules by getting money from Eli Lilly and delivered a Lilly-funded (and shaped) presentation. FiercePharma

> The relentless healthcare cost inflation process continues: New research suggests that coverage for U.S. employees will cross $10,000 per year in costs by 2010. Article

And Finally... I've heard plenty of annoying karaoke performances in my day, but they've never incited me to attack anyone physically. (OK, maybe I've been tempted...)  Article