CareData Reduces Medical Errors and Enhances Support

While medical errors are a problem in today's healthcare system, there are fully integrated EHR/PHRs to help reduce medical errors and give support, such as CareData Solutions Corporation.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 19, 2007 -- Medical errors are a common problem in today's healthcare system. Capital Women's Care, located in Maryland, used to be no exception. Beverley Barros, an office nurse for seven doctors at Capital Women's Care, explains that when she first arrived on the job, the office was about eight months behind in follow-up. "There was paper everywhere," she says. In desperate need of a solution, Capital Women's Care found CareData, an all-in-one EHR solution. CareData provides affordable healthcare IT solutions to ensure proper follow-up and tracking, compliance, and reduction in medical errors and costs.

Falling Through The Cracks

•    With CareData, Beverly explains she was able to find important information, such as pathology reports and abnormal test results, which fell through the cracks.

•    Before CareData, there was no way to know if there had been follow-up on a patient with abnormal test results.

•    With CareData, Beverly utilizes the recall list to note that a patient needs follow-up. "It's one of the biggest victories," she says. "The reduction in medical errors."

•    "One of the best things about CareData is the computer support system," Beverley concludes. "Whenever we've had a problem, someone has always contacted and corrected it within twenty-four hours."

A Truly Unique Product

Capital Women's Care has utilized CareData for six and a half years. The creator and CEO of CareData, Selene Kepila, has spent over eighteen years perfecting this software, and is the recognized expert in the IT health industry. Over 1,000 clients have discovered CareData, which integrates GlobalPatientRecord, the web-based PHR solution that records and securely stores patients' personal health records. Together, they offer a complete integrated system that bridges the gap between patient and provider. To find out more about CareData, please visit www.CareData.Med.Pro or call 1.800.775.6709