Care Initiatives Becomes Largest Iowa-based Deployment of Voice Technology for Outcomes-based Care

PITTSBURGH, March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Vocollect Healthcare Systems ( and, a business unit of Intermec, Inc. (NYSE: IN), announces its largest Iowa-based, enterprise-wise implementation of voice technology with Care Initiatives, Iowa's largest not-for-profit senior care provider. Based in West Des Moines, Iowa, Care Initiatives has deployed AccuNurse® voice technology in three (3) of its 44 nursing facilities and is now in the process of a full enterprise rollout to 35 additional sites in 2011.  

Care Initiatives' investment in voice is taking its clinical care to new levels of performance by enabling more proactive care, increasing productivity of its direct care team and providing more time for direct resident care. By giving caregivers the ability to access resident care needs on demand simply by talking, AccuNurse will enhance care team collaboration with Silent Paging and provide faster response to resident needs.  Care Initiatives will achieve numerous performance and reimbursement gains, including enabling higher levels of staff efficiency and satisfaction while increasing quality outcomes, eliminating paperwork, and achieving compliance.

According to Miles B. King, President and CEO of Care Initiatives, the decision to implement AccuNurse was made with its care mission and commitment to quality in mind. "AccuNurse is doing a tremendous amount in the industry to drive data in real time, right at the point-of-care so each and every elder in our communities receives person-centered care," he said. "This not only delivers the highest clinical care that our elders deserve, but it also directly supports our care mission. For our clinical team, they now have an easier and more accurate way to document. We're proud to have embraced AccuNurse, joining ranks with the most forward-operating facilities nationally to deploy this powerful solution for the benefit of our care team, our residents and also for the peace of mind of our elders' families."

AccuNurse voice-assisted care enables the following processes: real-time access to information and other staff; the elimination of paper-based printouts for managing care needs and documentation; the ability for caregivers to make decisions more accurately and quickly; and, the ability for the care team to multi-task while documenting care, thereby improving productivity and directing more time back to residents. According to Maureen Ladouceur, Vice President of Clinical Solutions at Vocollect Healthcare Systems, "By embracing voice, the most advanced care technology available today, Care Initiatives now sets the standard for outcomes-driven care throughout its skilled nursing enterprise. These facilities will benefit from real-time communication, documentation and clinical solutions expertise from AccuNurse, enabling them to further its commitment to clinical excellence and providing for the special needs of the elderly throughout Iowa."

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