Cardiology at Saratoga Hospital Adopts LUMEDX Web-Based Information System

<0> Cloud-powered CVIS gives clinicians anytime-, anywhere-access to patient records </0>

<0> Cardiology at Saratoga Hospital Adopts LUMEDX Web-Based Information System </0>

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LUMEDX Corporation, a leading provider of vendor-neutral cardiovascular imaging and information systems (CVIS), announced today that Saratoga Hospital has deployed LUMEDX’s HealthView in its cardiovascular service line. HealthView is a fully Web-based CVIS that helps Saratoga Hospital improve access to comprehensive patient information across the continuum of care.

“HealthView enables Saratoga Hospital to meet our goal – which is to provide cardiac and vascular patients with the highest quality of clinical care,” said Debbie Artrip, Cardiovascular Interventional Suite Director at Saratoga Hospital. “With HealthView, invasive cardiologists, nurses, and technologists can complete electronic documentation before, during, and after cath lab procedures. Physicians are electronically signing documents at the completion of the case or at latest by the end of the day.”

As a Web-based system, HealthView delivers comprehensive patient records anytime, anywhere – helping to ensure timely and fully informed treatment decisions. In addition, HealthView Community a new HealthView component, connects participating healthcare facilities in a virtual community, allowing providers from different hospitals to access common patient data from any location.

“Making electronic records available to physicians immediately and in multiple locations has helped to expedite decisions and enhance patient care,” said Artrip. “One of the main reasons we chose LUMEDX is the Community feature, which allows Saratoga Hospital physicians and physicians at other participating hospitals to efficiently view images without the need for a VPN. Making electronic medical records available to physicians – immediately, and in multiple locations – helps expedite decisions and enhance patient care.”

HealthView solutions at Saratoga Hospital include:

“We are truly impressed by Saratoga Hospital’s commitment to providing quality treatment to cardiac and vascular patients,” said LUMEDX Vice President of Sales and Marketing Praveen Lobo. “As we worked together to deploy HealthView at their site, it became apparent that the team at Saratoga Hospital exemplifies commitment to advanced patient care – and to the innovative technology that supports it.”

Learn more about HealthView Community:

About Saratoga Hospital:

With more than 450 physicians and other medical professionals on staff, Saratoga Hospital is the region’s leading provider of outpatient services and has provided access to excellence in healthcare for over a century. In 2001, Saratoga Hospital opened its Whitney-Hendrickson Cardiac Catheterization Center. Today, all physicians in the lab have earned FACC credentials, and all nurses and technologists have received additional certification in advanced treatment and management of cardiovascular disease.


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