Capzule Introduces Interactive Time Line to Personal Health Data on iPad

DETROIT, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Webahn, Inc. today announced that Capzule PHR, the first personal health records App for iPad, now includes data visualization capability. Capzule PHR is a universal app that can be installed on iPhone and iPod touch as well.

Data visualization helps users to analyze and compare health data and events for any given period of time. Users may select from multiple sets of data and visualize in an interactive timeline format for easy browsing with finger swipes.

Capzule PHR is also the first personal health record on the iPhone platform to allow editing from a PC over Wi-Fi, including the capability to upload files via a web browser. The Share feature has expanded to allow data transfer between iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices, making it easier to copy data to a family member's device, to an upgraded device, or to replicate in multiple devices. The most unique aspect of Capzule PHR is the ability for users to customize a personal set of health monitoring templates to record health conditions. These Flowsheets report a visual progress of health goals using points plotted on a graph.

Capzule PHR helps users record ones own personal and family medical information. This includes family, social, and medical history, medications, vaccinations and immunizations. Helping patients record allergies, conditions, and relevant data such as height, weight, blood pressure and pulse in one place offers a better path to care since all medical data may be stored in one secure location, and is available to review immediately when speaking with one's doctor.

Capzule PHR is available on the App Store for $4.99.

Webahn, Inc. ( is a privately held company incorporated in Michigan. The company has been providing online clinical documentation solutions to physicians since 2000, namely OvernightScribe and Capzule EMR.

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