CapSite 2010 U.S. Remote Radiology Study

Burlington, VT, September 13, 2010 - The 2010 U.S. Remote Radiology Study from CapSite represents a strategic assessment of the current Remote Radiology market.

The study provides unique Voice of Customer (VOC) insight from more than 700 healthcare providers across the U.S. 

Study highlights:

  • 21% of study participants indicated that they have plans to evaluate remote radiology services in the next 18 months.
  • Nighthawk and Virtual Radiologic are the two key vendors in the remote radiology market with 22% and 15% market penetration / share respectively.

"Our study identified numerous companies offering remote radiology services, but it was very clear there are two leaders serving this market.  We found that healthcare providers are most concerned about cost and turn-around-time when they are evaluating potential remote radiology services," says Brendan FitzGerald, Research Director for CapSite. 

The study also highlights VOC purchasing drivers and evaluation criteria that healthcare providers use to assess remote radiology services. 

The study includes coverage on the following remote radiology service providers:  CRL, Images-On-Call, Nighthawk Radiology (NHWK), NightRays, Teleradiology Solutions, Virtual Radiologic and Vision Radiology. 

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