Capital Region Health Care to Partner with McKesson on Revenue Management Transformation

The need for a common financial platform to support physician practices, remote facilities and clinical information systems prompted Capital Region Health Care (CRHC) to plan for a replacement of its existing revenue management system and associated bolt-on products. The health system, a long-time user of McKesson's Horizon Clinicals ® solutions, now plans to implement McKesson's Horizon Enterprise Revenue ManagementTM as well. The revenue management solution is designed to improve the economics of care by helping health systems manage the complex reimbursement, collection and patient management issues they face every day.

" Our goal is to help our providers improve their operations as we update and modernize our health system's overall approach to revenue management," said Bruce Burns, chief financial officer at Capital Region Health Care, which includes 225-bed Concord (N.H.) Hospital and several other healthcare facilities. "Concord Hospital currently employs more than 150 physicians and is supported by an additional 25 nurse practitioners and physician assistants across multiple sites, and we have long-standing relationships with many of them."

Horizon Enterprise Revenue Management together with Horizon Clinicals empowers health enterprises with advanced capabilities to meet rapidly evolving demands for improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes. Horizon Enterprise Revenue Management combines innovative rules-based software with connectivity services and helps hospitals reinvent how they manage the processes, relationships and organizational dynamics involved in the revenue cycle process. In addition, it enables hospitals to assess the financial impact of all care decisions to forecast cash flow and net revenue in real time.

Administrators at CRHC believe that adopting a common revenue management platform across the health system will help them to better align with their physicians. They also expect to establish even stronger relationships with joint venture partners such as surgery centers, imaging facilities and the visiting nurses association.

CRHC plans to use Horizon Enterprise Revenue Management to manage financial matters across the entire patient care experience, regardless of where care is delivered. For example, a common registration form can be used across all sites, eliminating the need to re-enter information as patients access care in outpatient and inpatient environments, thereby reducing the duplicate work required with stand-alone registration systems. Horizon Enterprise Revenue Management is also "open," designed to integrate with both McKesson and non-McKesson clinical solutions. This enables continuous medical necessity checking, coordinated care planning and case management.

"This new solution should enable our physicians to capture and share data between their systems and the hospital systems, making the transition to electronic health records much smoother as the practices share information appropriately and securely," Burns added. "We anticipate that this will place us in a good position to take advantage of future government incentives and reimbursement reform."

"Fragmentation has plagued the healthcare industry for a long time, but McKesson is providing a solution designed to make it easy to dramatically improve how revenue is managed across the enterprise," said Loren Buysman, senior vice president and general manager, Revenue Cycle, McKesson Provider Technologies. "We believe such integration can lead to improved patient satisfaction, enhanced operations and healthier bottom lines for leading health systems such as Capital Region."

About Capital Region Health Care

Capital Region Health Care, Concord, N.H., is a charitable health delivery system committed to the concept of community-based healthcare. It is the parent company of Concord Hospital and three other healthcare organizations including Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association, Monadnock Community Hospital and Riverbend Community Mental Health.

About McKesson

McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 15th on the FORTUNE 500, is a healthcare services and information technology company dedicated to helping its customers deliver high-quality healthcare by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving the quality and safety of patient care. McKesson has been in continuous operation for more than 175 years, making it the longest-operating company in healthcare today. Over the course of its history, McKesson has grown by providing pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management across the spectrum of care; healthcare information technology for hospitals, physicians, homecare and payors; hospital and retail pharmacy automation; and services for manufacturers and payors designed to improve outcomes for patients. For more information, visit .