Cancer meds may be worth high cost; CCHIT offers three EMR certification options;

> Are cancer medications worth their staggering cost? A new journal article says that yes, perhaps they are. FiercePharma

> Hospitals in Maryland are grumbling over a new analytical tool the state is using to rate whether they're running into preventable conditions too frequently, saying they haven't had enough chance to see how it works. FierceHealthIT

> Developers are cheering over a new policy by CCHIT, the group which accredits electronic medical records, giving them three options for getting their EMRs certified. FierceEMR 

> Though the road has been rocky for other forms of commercial real estate, medical office buildings continue to be a good investment, investors say. FierceHealthFinance

And Finally... When someone tries "the dog ate my checks" excuse, you know something's out of whack. Article