Californians for Patient Care Denounces Striking Unionized Healthcare Workers

Strike unnecessarily disrupts care

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The following statement is attributed to Carmella Gutierrez, president of Californians for Patient Care:

“Like many Californians, we are frustrated by healthcare unions’ constant and superfluous strikes. We believe these strikes unnecessarily disrupt patient care and we urge healthcare unions to end this tactic.

“We believe continuity of care is important and that any disruption in that continuity – especially if it can be avoided – can compromise a patient’s care. Patients depend heavily on all members of their care team, each member playing a valuable role. We don’t understand why striking healthcare workers would jeopardize the continuity of a patient’s care and potentially undermine patients’ trust by striking unnecessarily.

“In addition, we believe that healthcare unions which claim to be advocating for patient improvements by striking are doing exactly the opposite. After all, firefighters and police officers and other front-line responders have found other methods of resolving their labor issues without jeopardizing lives of the people whom they care for. Why can’t healthcare unions do the same?

“Bottom line: We believe unionized healthcare workers who strike to improve their bargaining position are needlessly disrupting patient care, and potentially jeopardizing the health of the very people they have dedicated their lives to helping.”

Californians for Patient Care is a nonprofit organization based in Sacramento dedicated to protecting the interests of patients and ensuring all California consumers have fair and equitable access to high quality healthcare. For more information, visit


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