California hospital strikes over CEO compensation; AMA inaugurates new president;

> Eight-hundred and fifty workers at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital in California went on strike yesterday for proposed layoffs and retirement benefit cuts, as well as executive compensation levels, reports the Los Angeles Times. It was revealed that outgoing CEO Samuel Downing has a retirement plan worth more than $5 million, a benefit that hospital officials and board members defend. Article

> The American Medical Association (AMA) yesterday inaugurated new President Dr. Peter Carmel, a pediatric neurosurgeon, reports the Associated Press. With declining membership numbers, AMA has recently come under attack by physicians for its unabashed support of healthcare reform, including its stance on the individual insurance mandate, reports FiercePracticeManagement.

> Partners HealthCare Chair Jack Connors is stepping down from his seat as chair of the region's largest hospital and physician network, reports The Boston Globe. Connors is noted for his role in the 1994 merger between Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Article

> Multiple employees were fired this year at Iowa hospitals for peeking at patient records, reports the Des Moines Register, including medical assistant Shawn Sterner who looked over another coworker's shoulder who was allegedly reviewing a patient file without permission. Sterner reported the issue to her employer; the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics said Sterner violated HIPAA and fired her for other work misconduct. Other employees have been fired for similar violations. Article

> The University of Kansas Cancer Center and Kansas City Cancer Center closed a merger deal yesterday to become what they say will be the largest academic cancer treatment center in the nation, reports The Kansas City Star. Article

And Finally... Why not? A luxury razor with sapphires and iridium costs $100,000 and will last a decade. Article