Buy an artificial heart online; Woman collected medical screening samples in the restroom of a Burger King;

> You can find something at the Syncardia Store that you won't find on artificial heart, according to MedPage Today. Article

> Police in Blaine, Wash., removed a woman, who claimed she was a nurse with a company that performs medical exams and screenings for insurance companies, from the restroom of a Burger King, the Bellingham Herald reports. She was taking blood and urine tests for insurance screenings, she told a Blaine policewoman. Article

> Chinese hospitals are such dangerous places to work that a doctor was stabbed to death in Shandong Province by the son of a patient who had died of liver cancer, the New York Times reports. Three doctors were severely burned in Shanxi Province when a patient set fire to a hospital office. "I think the police should have a permanent base here," a neurosurgeon at Shengjing Hospital told the Times. "I always feel this element of danger." Article

> Medicare will pay for diet and exercise programs developed under the Ornish and Pritikin brands for reducing cardiovascular event risk, MedPage Today reports. Article

> A 31-year-old Utah man has been sentenced to six months in jail for groping a maternity nurse who was wheeling the man's pregnant girlfriend to the delivery room in McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah, Associated Press reports. Article

And finally... Maybe there was a senior citizen discount. Article