Business Resources and Global Business Education to be the Focus of American Global Business, Inc. in 2008

American Global Business, Inc. announces that its focus in the year 2008 will be on business resources and global business education. In addition, the company announces the launch of several new products and services, and the appointment of a new VP Sales and Marketing.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 24, 2007 -- American Global Business, Inc. announces that business resources ( and global business education will be the company's theme and focus in 2008. Dr. Mohammed Ismail Khan, PhD, President/CEO (, announces the company campaign will focus on introducing small and medium sized American businesses to the global marketplace, a process the company has focused on since day one.

"The world is now in reach for small to medium sized businesses," Khan said. "American Global Business, Inc. offers business resources and information about other countries, what they produce and how to get your product or service into a particular country, as well as how foreign corporations can get a business into the American marketplace. This information is significant to any business considering doing business abroad."

In addition to the focus on business resources and global business education (, in the first quarter of 2008, American Global Business Magazine and E-Zine will debut. These publications will feature buyers and sellers from all over the globe, plus a wealth of global business information from business writers. American Global Business Magazine will highlight a quarterly report on the top 1000 global small and medium sized businesses.

The company also announces that the First American Global Business Conference and Expo will include the top 1000 small businesses. The conference will include seminars hosted by global business leaders and will offer attendees the opportunity to display and launch their products and services while networking with global entities.

In 2008, AGB will also launch AGB TV International over the Internet, showcasing businesses around the globe, including business news from emerging markets that are not easily available in America.

In addition, Khan has appointed Beth Simonson Handler VP Sales and Marketing ( Handler brings 20 years of sales and marketing expertise to the position. Her credits include President and Founder of E-Media Marketing, host of the American Global Business Radio Show on Big Media USA Internet Radio Network, and founder of Web of Humanity, a social networking organization.

"Whether it's through the Internet or personal contacts, business owners seeking to go global must create a presence in the international marketplace, and American Global Business, Inc. has dedicated the past four years to this mission, I am very happy to be a part of this global groundbreaking opportunity," Handler said.

"The business resources and business education campaign is about educating businesses about the opportunities and availability to forge a global presence in the international community. This is just the beginning. The international opportunities available for small and medium businesses are largely untapped."

Small and medium sized businesses face language barriers on all sides of the earth. Brochures, product manuals and other information must be understood in various languages. According to Khan, the American Global Business, Inc Web site will be translated into several languages by the end of 2008.

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