Bush discusses healthcare agenda

At a talk in Ohio, President Bush discussed his plans to reform the healthcare system around expanded use of health savings accounts (HSAs) and other measures. Bush said he hopes Americans will experiment with using a system built around the combination of HSAs to pay for routine healthcare expenses and catastrophic coverage to cover serious illnesses. The hour-long speech provided perhaps the most detailed view yet of the administration's plans to reform the healthcare system.

Bush said his proposals would ensure that working class Americans are able to purchase health insurance and that they would ultimately drive down healthcare costs by allowing market competition. Critics question the logic, saying that the tax credit proposals would benefit the wealthy and leave many patients at risk in the event of serious illness. It's a safe bet the HSA debate will pick up in weeks to come.

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PLUS: The Hill reports that the hospital industry is resisting administration attempts to force providers to disclose rates. Industry lobbyists met with Bush advisor Allan Hubbard at the White House yesterday. Article