Bristol-Myers Squibb to cut additional 10 percent of employees; MN hospital hit by credit crunch;

> More bad news from Bristol-Myers Squibb: it already cut 10 percent of its workers in July, and now it is cutting 10 percent of its remaining 37,000 workers. FiercePharma

> The credit crunch is hitting University of Minnesota Medical Center, which has been forced to delay construction on a $200 million building that was intended to house outpatient care facilities. Article

> Vanda Pharmaceuticals has an experimental sleep drug that can apparently swiftly reset a body's circadian rhythm: perhaps an ideal solution for jet lagged travelers or those on a night shift schedule. FierceBioResearcher

> The FDA has made the decision to require suicide warnings on a variety of anti-epileptic medications, some of which are also prescribed for other conditions like bipolar disorder and migraine headaches. FiercePharma

And Finally... I wonder if they will send the notice for this parking ticket to the North Pole. Article