Brigham and Women's hit by $1.6M bias award

A female neurosurgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital has won a $1.6 million judgment in a sex discrimination suit against the facility. The suit, filed by Dr. Sagan Tuli, asserted that her boss, Dr. Arthur Day, had made demeaning statements to her, including one at a hospital dinner in which she says Day asked her to get up on the table and dance.

The jury dismissed her claims that the hospital had discriminated against her by not promoting her, not supporting her research and paying her less than male peers. However, it did find that Tuli was subject to harassment, ridicule, intimidation or other abusive conduct motivated at least in part by her gender or national origin or both, and moreover, that it was severe enough to interfere with her work performance.

Day, who serves as chair of the hospital's neurosurgery department, had to pay $20,001 for his actions, while the hospital was assessed $1.6 million. The hospital's fine includes $600,000 for retaliating against Tuli when she complained, and $1 million to compensate Tuli for making her work under these conditions.

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