Both physicians, nurse practitioners recommend careers as NPs

The growth of nurse practitioner (NP) positions and their contribution to the healthcare industry hasn't escaped the notice of physicians, nor NPs themselves, recent research indicates. The survey, "Primary Care Workforce Shortages and Career Recommendations from Practicing Clinicians," published in advance of the most recent addition of the Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, found that both primary care nurse practitioners and primary care physicians were both more likely to recommend careers as nurse practitioners than they were to recommend careers as doctors. "These findings suggest that solving the primary care clinician shortage will require more than simply training a greater number of physicians, lead author Catherine DesRoches said in a statement about the study. "Efforts should be aimed at reimagining how the entire primary care workforce should be structured, with one goal of the process being an increase in primary care physicians' career satisfaction. Without a significant shift in how these clinician's view their careers, efforts to bolster the workforce are likely to fall short." Study abstract